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27.08.2004 - SPDIF input upgrade

After studing the signal flow from Input C to actual receiver chip it came obvious that it's all but optimal signal path and badly needs redesign.

In original form the digital input signal travels from Input C XLR connector through relay contacts and then along the PCB to grey ribbon cable and then again on PCB. Alltogehter this is some 20cm of not optimal signal transmission.

I decided to disable the input C entirely as I never see myself needing it. Aslo as my setup is using all the time only the digital in of the DCX I decided to run the proper coaxial cable right to the DSP PCB.

I also decided to switch the digital input transformer to a better unit with known good performance. The transformer is a Schott 29398 - unfortunately no longer in production. I got it as a NOS device.

Make sure to cut the old traces coming from cable connector if doing this mod.

R15 - 110 ohm AES/EBU cable terminating resistor was removed and replaced with 75 ohm resistor on the secondary pins of the transformer.