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09.10.2004 - SPDIF interface upgrade - PART 2

A few days ago I had an idea.

The 16.9MHz clock inside Sony CDP-XB930 is formed with a help of special resonant circuit from 128Fs clock signal. The master clock in Sony is 45.1584 MHz and this is 2,666 times the 16.9344 MHz clock. This gave me an idea that perhaps if I feed the Sony DAC with 24.5760 clock from Behringer the DAC part will not work but the 16.9MHz clock might still be formed correctly....

So I tried the following configuration - and it works just fine !!!! And it sounds better - the depth is better and there is more air in the soundfield.

I put a jumper in cd player so I can switch the clock signal to either the XO2 master clock inside the CD or the clock coming from Behringer master clock (24.576 MHz)